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urban uco torrontes 2009

winemakers from all around the world acknowledge that Argentina offers the ideal conditions for the development of an almost perfect grape. As in all the more interesting vineyard regions of the world, the fruit acquires the unique qualities that the influence of weather and soils create. In Argentina, the grapes, particularly the reds from the vineyards of Argentine Patagonia and whites from Salta, mature with intensity yielding modern wines with elegant balance and structure.

because it is an indigenous grape, torrontes might be the most distinctive of all the wines made in Argentina. The wine made from torrontes has quickly found its way onto restaurant wine lists and retailers' shelves. I consider it the calling card of white wine from Argentina. Torrontes will fast become your summer white. It will pair well with most foods, quench any mood and satisfy that self-appointed friend or family related wine critic.

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