relativity & the speed of wine...
relativity vineyards

at the beginning of the 20th century, the theory of relativity was considered to be one of the most difficult and abstract theories in science; to many it still is. thankfully, while many try to make it so, wine is neither abstract nor difficult to enjoy.

the wines come to us from Relativity Vineyards, a small but very savvy napa based producer. the fruit is all estate grown, and the resulting wines are correct and expressive of the region's unique climate and soils. each wine shows beautiful fruit, good structure and balance. we compared Relativity to wannabe cult wines that are a lot more expensive, and they did not add-up. we are thrilled to be able to deliver uncommon wine at a very common price.

relativity vineyards merlot 2007...
merlot has sort of been poked fun-at, (remember 'side-ways') but this wine has appeal. packed with dark berry fruit and hints of cocoa and earth. the tannins fall softly on the palate with a velvet like texture. this red is instantly appealing and a great alternative to similar, more tannic right-bank bordeaux. by the way, remember that crazy 'will not drink merlot' character in 'side-ways' who was saving that 1961Cheval Blanc from bordeaux for a special occasion but at the end drank it alone, well there was plenty of merlot in the blend.

relativity vineyards quantum reserve 2007...
this red is an eccentric blend of cabernet, zinfandel, syrah, petit sirah and charbono, and it defies the logic of most red blends, but it's a balanced equation that proves delicious. garnet in color, it throws jammy notes of blackberries and espresso with a little semi-sweet chocolate. savory and balanced with lots of plum, dark fruit and chocolate it finishes with elements of spice. this is a wine to hang with, it's delicious and will pair with almost anything... anything. remember I said these guys were savvy; this might be the same wine as that bottle they call, let's say 'the incarcerated'... no more hints.

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