the poet and the well...
dante cabernet sauvignon
maxwell creek sauvignon blanc

Dante, was an Italian poet of the middle ages. His 'divine comedy' is considered a masterpiece of literary work. During the dark ages, Italy resembled a mosaic of small states that did not share a language or a common culture. Dante, having written in Latin and other known languages, also wrote in a new language based on the dialect of Tuscany with elements of Latin and other regional dialects. Dante called it 'Italian' - for that reason Dante is often called the 'father of the Italian language'. It looks like Dante was a cool up-to-date intellectual with international interests.

dante reserve cabernet 2008...
is another character in what seems to be an ode to wine from Michael Pozzan. He makes several wines we enjoy, and they are all different and free of convention from a particular style or flavor profile. The colors of this California wine sway between red and deep purple framing a core of black cherry, plum, and currant finishing with hints of dusty herb and spice.

maxwell creek sauvignon blanc 2009...
shows up with a verse of pear, candied pineapple and tropical fruit. This SB has good balance with rhymes of peach and melon with hits of lemon custard. A perfect wine for spring and summer that will pair well with lots of grilled stuff, as well as sushi and any prepared seafood. The wine will also fit in for that first and second glass of white wine when everyone is just chatting, having fun and just plain catching-up.

There is a seam to this that is best described with the following:
...and always serve bread with your wine.
But, son,
always serve wine.

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