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bodegas boutique and malbec

Originally grown in the Southeast of France and one of the blending grapes used in the remarkable wines of Bordeaux, Malbec has become one of the premier wine exports of Argentina. Winemakers have found the ideal weather conditions and soil features for the fruit's development. In Argentina, like all the more interesting vineyard regions of the world, the fruit matures and acquires the unique qualities, and flavor profiles that the influence of weather and soil conditions create. In most of Argentina Malbec grows and matures with intensity, but wines particularly from the Mendoza areas are well balanced, elegant and very desirable.

In Argentina there are smaller wine producers grouped and referred to as 'Bodegas Boutique'. These winemakers, in common with all the better wine producers around the world, usually make very little wine and they all share in a universal passion for their art. The winemakers practice a philosophy of quality, excellence and dedication that allows them to create wines that are contemporary works of art.

In Argentina the combination of these inspired young winemakers, history and the exceptional geography, soils and weather has made the country a sort of mecca of higher quality wine exhibiting greater character and style. Winemaking in Argentina is still at an early stage, with a prominent history that only reaches back to a mere 15 or 20 years. I believe there is certainly even more history, accomplishment and great wine to look forward to.

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