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american terroir

We are all familiar with Vidalia onions, Idaho potatoes, and Florida oranges; we know where they are grown and what flavors to expect, that's pretty much why we buy and enjoy them. When it comes to wine, many don't make the connection or associate how climate and the earth's different soils shape the amazing flavors we enjoy in wine. It's called 'terroir' - the term is French but it hits the mark when used to describe the special and persistent characteristics that weather and soil conditions contribute to the depth of flavor and complexity in a glass of wine.

American winemakers have been producing unique world class wine for decades. Many of us have been drinking and enjoying the wines way before the lead character Pinot Noir, and the script Side Ways gained enough interest for a Hollywood first meeting. There are many good, big name and costly reds out there but let me introduce a couple, all priced within reason, distinctive and new....

'Capiaux Cellars' Pinot Noir and 'O'Shaughnessey' Cabernet Sauvignon from California both made by Sean Capiaux. Two stylish, balanced and rich wines with one expressive quality in common... American Terroir

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