an american standard...
silver oak | from cult to classic

Silver Oak | Alexander Valley Cabernet | Napa Valley Cabernet
these very distinctive cabernets are supple, complex and deliver a very refined richness wrapped in good American oak. Critics suggest that because of its 65,000 plus case production the wine no longer merits cult status or the premium price it demands.

I will agree the label might not be cult, but that's because those who have been fortunate and have enjoyed it for many years have matured and are beyond that California cult stuff. It is now in a different class of American wine. As many French Chateaux are referred to when discussing the production of classic bordeaux, so too should Silver Oak be considered as an iconic label of classic American red wine. Silver Oak, or S.O. as my friends refer to it, still delivers a fascinating glass of wine; delicious and vibrant with pretty mocha cassis, dark plum and very elegant oak. S.O. is correct and sound, and it deserves greater respect and more appreciation - after all it is classic all American Silver Oak...

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