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The Prisoner

Orin Swift Winery

At 37, winemaker Dave Phinney is at the top of his craft. His hugely successful Orin Swift wines are at an almost cult stage and regardless of price, everyone wants them. He began making his most accessible wine, The Prisoner, by accident. In 2000 he added a few varietals to a batch of Zinfandel that just did not move him, it had an awkward profile; but the corrected brooding red berry blend has been selling out vintage after vintage ever since, and so will this 2008.

The activist Dave Phinney is also focused and very purposeful, he’s donating all of the proceeds from his supple Veladora Sauvignon Blanc project to the consortium called Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors), which provides medical care to Napa’s farm workers and their families.

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